"Our success isn't due to the coverage we provide. It's due to the people that write the policies."

Auto Insurance

The cheapest car insurance may give you a false sense of security, legal driving privileges, and little else. At Easy Insurance Group, auto insurance quotes are compared across major providers. We will make sure you understand the fine print, the difference between real value and minimum coverage required by Texas. If you are investigating insurance rates, adding a driver, or thinking of buying a new car, reach out us . We can help you understand what you should be looking for and how you can find the best deals.

Insuring All of Your Vehicles

Many of our clients save money by insuring several vehicles with one insurance company. We offer a variety of policies for all types of vehicles:

  • Passenger cars and trucks
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Motorcycles and motorbikes
  • RVs, campers and trailers
  • Boats, Jet Skis and other personal watercraft

If you’re currently shopping for a new car, remember that the sticker price is not equal to the amount of money you will pay for your new ride, and auto insurance requirements vary from state to state. Feel free to call our agency for help understanding the insurance costs for your top two or three choices.

Lowering Prices Through Car Insurance Discounts

The most significant discount you can obtain through most insurance companies is the multi-policy discount, which is available to auto policy holders who also obtain their home insurance policy through the same insurance company. In addition to evaluating whether you are eligible for the multi-policy discount, we can review your history and existing coverage to see if you can take advantage of several other discounts:

  • Safe driver discount
  • Good student discount
  • Driver’s safety discount
  • Anti-theft device discount

Compare Car Insurance Quotes with Easy Insurance Group

One of the great values we offer you as a client of our independent insurance agency is access to multiple insurance companies. Since we are tied to many insurance provider, , we can request several free auto insurance quotes on your behalf. We can then sit with you and compare. We will help you evaluate each policy’s terms, conditions, premiums and discounts. From there, we will allow you the time you need to make the coverage decision that best fits your needs and your wallet.